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Artistic Gymnastics Download sheets


Artistic Girls colouring and word searches: Download here

Artistic Boys colouring and word searches: Download here


Let's see who can do these Handstand challenges, don't forget to send in the video for evidence

Work Outs


Spell Your Name Work Out (Click on image to either magnify or download)

Spell your name workout.jpg

Artistic Conditioning

Jogging in front support

Start in front support, bring knees up and down, in a jogging motion for 1-minute repeat x2

Jogging on the spot 

Level 1 Jogging on the spot on a flat surface for 1-minute, repeat x2

Level 2 Same as level 1, but on a soft surface, if you have a mat at home you can use that or a mattress or some cushions. Jogg for 1-minute  repeat x2

Front Support hold

Front support hold 1- minute repeat x 2


Repeat as above, in back support, with belly button facing the ceiling, hold for 1 minute x 2



Front support - to squat - to straight jump repeat, keeping arms up by your ears in the jump,  and hips level in the front support (do not allow hips to dip, or be too high) for 1-minute each, repeat x2

Handstand Against the Wall

Handstand against the wall - belly facing the wall, toes pointed and pushing through shoulders, with hands facing forwards. (No Banana Backs please) for 1-minute each, repeat x2

Invisible Chair Against the Wall

With back against the wall - belly button pulled in, back flat and heals down, plus hips at a right angle no hands. for 1-minute each, repeat x2

Conditioning Cards

Printable Conditioning Cards
Download the Conditioning cards which are the same as we do in the gym, you can print and cut the cards into sections, and can be done on various days. If a card requires equipment to try and be creative, or if it's the only equipment that can only be found at our gym, you are allowed to skip - Conditioning Cards

May 2020 Conditioning Challange

Download the Conditioning May 2020 Challange which is to be done over the month of May, you can print sheet - Conditioning May Challange

Gym Challenge -

Week 3:


Week 2:

Week 1:

Physical Ability 

Physical Ability practice
All Flying Angels Gymnasts both Womens and Mens Artistic should be physically prepared and should watch videos below to practice ready for getting back into training at the gym, there will be a test that requires you to do ALL in the videos.