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Home Gymnastics


With gymnasts being at home, we have created this page to help combat the fact that we are in lockdown and are not currently able to continue with our gymnastics program.

The aim is to keep up fitness, curb boredom, and to have a little fun. So let's get to the gym challenges, worksheets and activities.

What activities are there


Here you'll find many options specific to each age group, and gymnastics ability, of which has been categorised into three categories, PRE-SCHOOL, GENERAL & RECREATIONAL GYMNASTICS, and ARTISTIC GYMNASTICS. All of which have conditioning and flexibility programs. 


All gymnasts can watch videos on our "Things To Watch" player below. 

We have also included activities directly from British Gymnastics. You can download gymnastic worksheets, and we have given home/mini equipment tips. 


Pre School

2yrs to 5yrs Home Gymnastics


General & Recreational Gymnastics

6yrs and up Home Gymnastics


Artistic Gymnastics

6yrs and up Home Gymnastics

Mini Apparatus


If you have mini-gymnastics equipment at home, it is a great time to use it for conditioning and basic elements. *Gymnasts must not use apparatus to try harder skills without a coach present.

Home /Mini apparatus can be found on the following websites:


Tumbl Trak

There are many more companies that can be found via an online search.

*Please also make sure that if you or your child/children are continuing to practice gymnastics in your home, that the activity is safe.

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