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Pre School Gymnastics Download sheets


Pre-School Girls colouring and word searches: Download here

Pre-School Boys colouring and word searches: Download here

Pre School Conditioning


Jogging in front support

Start in front support, bring knees up and down, in a jogging motion for 30secs, repeat x2

Jogging on the spot 

Level 1 Jogging on the spot on a flat surface for 30 secs, repeat x2

Level 2 Same as level 1, but on a soft surface, if you have a mat at home you can use that or a mattress or some cushions. Jogg for 30 secs  repeat x2

Front Support hold

Front support hold 20secs x 2


Repeat as above, in back support, with belly button facing the ceiling, hold for 10 secs x 2



You will find 10 activity cards targeted at preschool-aged children to explore different movement patterns in an imaginative and creative way.


Each theme has an introduction page and an activity page. Not all elements of the activity cards may be practical to participate in within households as every home is different, however, this is explained on each theme introduction page. We also discourage the use of furniture to practise skills and have therefore removed the large apparatus elements from all activity.



Healthy Eating



Party Fun






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