Proficiency Awards Scheme

The British Gymnastics Award Schemes provide the foundation for teaching high-quality gymnastics in a fun, friendly & progressive way. Almost 500k badges are sold each year for the British Gymnastics Award Schemes and they are continuing to provide Clubs, Schools & Leisure Centres with a source of income whilst encouraging and motivating children to progress to a higher level.

There are six schemes each with their own resource packs which include all of the relevant information to help in the delivery of the scheme. Flying Angels Gymnastics Club works towards three of the awards schemes.

The Pre-School Gymnastics Award Scheme

The Pre-School Gymnastics Award Scheme developed for children from 3 years focuses on the development of physical literacy and movement skills. Children learn the three fundamental building blocks of movement – Action, Balance and Coordination, with a range of 40 different activities to choose from. The scheme introduces children to physical activity in a fun yet structured environment so that they can safely learn and experiment action, balance and coordination activities. Badges may be purchased to reward successful completion.

The Core Proficiency Gymnastics 

The Core Proficiency Gymnastics Award scheme follows on from Pre- School for beginners and children aged 5years & upwards the scheme assists in the progressive development of core skills such as balance, strength, flexibility and co-ordination and incorporates compulsory pulse raising activities. There are 10 types of activity and 8 levels of attainment. Participants can choose from a selection of 80 activities to develop core skills.

The Advanced Proficiency Gymnastics

The Advanced Proficiency Gymnastics Award scheme is for children aged 11 years & upwards, it assists in the development of Core fitness (Strength, power, flexibility, coordination) and gymnastics skills for the coaching of more advanced skills for use in clubs, schools and leisure centres. The scheme offers a range of activities including Fitness, Floor, Vault & Rebound, Apparatus, Pairs & Groups, Hand Held Apparatus and Dance & Aerobics. It broadly underpins development work for Grades, the Next Step Competition Framework and National Development Programmes.

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