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Neon Gymnastics Summer Competition 2017

What an amazing day!!! The Neon Gymnastics summer competition 2017 had a great atmosphere. We are always happy to participate. Our gymnasts competed from levels AP, which included Beam, Floor on a strip, and vault. All the way to level 4. Ages started as young as 6 years old, with the older competitors at 13 years old. We entered both boys and girls, with having each level successfully placing in the top 6. The day concluded with us finishing at round four, after having a very early morning start. With competition running smoothly, each round finished earlier than excepted. Much to the joy of both parent and coaches. With the first round setting the tone for the rest of the day, with two of our gymnasts medaling first place, we are very pleased to say that all the gymnasts did us proud. Well done to everyone.

Here we have two little highlight videos from the day

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