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Here on this page, you will find details of how we raise money for our gymnastics club. We often put on events throughout the year, along with doing monthly bake sales, and collections.

As a small gymnastics club, we always need all the help we can get. It is an expensive sport, and the equipment does not come cheap. We have an amazing set of members, and greatly appreciate all the help we receive.

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Every three months or so we collect bags full of clothes and shoes. Usually children have outgrown their clothes, or styles have gone out of fashion. We collect hundreds of bags, which then gets sent off and weighed. Once the bags are weighed, we receive a cheque, which we then put towards our fundraising pot.

Image by Brooke Lark

Monthly Bake Sale

Once a month we have a week full of tasty treats. Our members and staff kindly bake or sometimes buy baked goods. We have everything from cupcakes, and cookies, to scones, and biscuits.


All the money raised will go towards a brand new set of mini apparatus sets, which benefits the whole club.


Dates of fundraising weeks:

7th June 2022 - 11th June 2022

5th July 2022 - 9th July 2022

Bake Sale Page

Odd Socs.jpg

Odd Socks Week

Gym fete

Odd socks week happens once a year, gymnasts donate £2.00 and wear the funkiest or outrageous odd socks to training.

Some even come with bright leg warmers, for a cosier look. This is a week-long event. From 26th - 30th, April 2022 will be raising money for brand new mini apparatus All participation is a huge help.

Once a year as the weather gets warmer, we put on a gym fete. We have games, where you can win prizes. There are two bouncy castles, barbecues, bake-sales and other donated food, and beverages, both hot and cold.

We have raffles, and face-painting, and mini competitions.

The gymnasts put on a number of displays, and the kids get to have a lot of fun.


Dates to be announced for 2022.


Onesie Week

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Onesie week at the gym will be from the 15th of February to the 19th of February 2022. The gymnasts will have a fun, comfortable, cosy, and warm week. Donations of £3.00 per gymnast help the club to raise money for brand new bars.

This is a week-long event and a comfy one at that.

Onesie Week 2022

Halloween Costumes.jpg

Halloween Week

Halloween week at the gym will be from the 26th to the 30th of October 2021. The gymnasts will have a fun week by dressing up in their favourite costume, and all donations of £3.00 per gymnast will help the club to raise money for brand freestanding mini apparatus this is a week-long event. Our goal is £3000.

Hallowen Week 2021

Just Giving where you can donate, you can even be anonymous. Our New Fundraising goal is £3000 for a brand new mini apparatus set. As of the 6th May 2019, £230 has been raised so far, which is 7% of our goal, thank you to everyone who has donated so far.

8th July 2019 Update, £450 has been raised, which is a 15% of our goal, as always, we can't thank the donators enough.

7th October 2019 Update, £560 has been raised which is 18% of our goal. Now let's see if we can reach 50% of our goal before Christmas.

31st January 2020 Update, £710 has been now been raised which is a great 23% of our goal. Let's really to reach at least 75% of our goal before we get to Easter break.

24th August 2020 Update, we are now at £800, which is 26% closer to our goal. Thank you so much, we know that during a pandemic it's not the easiest time to riase money. Thank you again.

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Easy Fundraising

Crowdfunder logo.png


We are raising money for our club for a month from the 28th of March to the 27th of April 2021. After the Covid-19 pandemic hit we were left without a space to train. Having had to move a couple of times before our equipment has ended up in different locations in storage. Along with all that has happened, and with moving, we found that damage to some of our equipment has occurred. For more information please check out this link here CROWDFUNDING

Click the logo for our external fundraising page. Easy fundraising is you help Flying Angels while shopping. So far we have 8 wonderful supporters.




We raised enough money to buy a brand new set of asymmetric bars from Gymnova.

We reached our goal of £2,278.80. All money raised from our monthly bake sales, odd socks week, and Onesie weeks went towards the bar fund. Thank you to everyone involved. 

Our new goal of £3000 is for a new mini set of preschool equipment, we using the same method as before by continuing our monthly bake sales, and yearly odd socks week, and onesies week. As well as Just Giving, & Easy fundraising. This time, we are using the addition of Crowdfunding. All information of which can be found on this page.

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