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General Gymnastics Time table


Go into the sport because you have fun doing it, not because of ‘what ifs’ and dreams of gold medals. That way, no matter what happens, you win.”

– Shannon Miller


General Gymnastics is a little less demanding than Artistic Gymnastics, however, It can be just as challenging. Floor and vault require high-level strength, power, speed, flexibility, endurance, agility, form, technical precision and artistic performance. Flying Angels Gymnastics Club's General gymnastics Competitive Program is for the type of gymnasts who is not yet ready for Artistic Gymnastics, or prefer to participate on two apparatus. The gymnast is able to maintain a focus on the development of excellence in an environment where athlete safety, health and wellness are our first priority. In their personal pursuit of excellence, each athlete benefits from ongoing personal and physical development that transfers well to their academic life, social development and performance in other athletic programs.

Our General Gymnastics classes are selection only. Cherub groups training sessions start from 1 hour a week. Both boys and girls train on floor & vault. Entry into and maintenance within these programs are not for everyone and are by trial only.

General Gymnastics groups

Single-day General Gymnastics groups (Groups that are in on one day a week) And Multiple General Gymnastics day groups (Groups that are in on more than one day) Which are Selection Only

The timetables are currently being updated and may not be as seen below

Girls Classes

Boys Classes

*Time tables are correct at time of publishing. All classes are subject to change. Classes also maybe added or cancelled due to numbers in groups.

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