Mens Artistic Gymnastics

Flying Angels Gymnastics Club’s men’s program focuses on the six apparatus:

  • FLOOR is an excellent example of where sport meets art. Each gymnast executes precise strength and balance requirements mixed with technically demanding tumbling elements.

  • POMMEL HORSE is a very difficult apparatus requiring considerable practise to master even the basic skills because the gymnast must perform skills with a circular movement in a horizontal plane while spending much of each routine on only one arm while reaching with the free hand in order to set up for the next skill. Gymnasts do not get to stop or pause during the routine.

  • RINGS require great upper body strength, precision and proper body position while performing strength elements. The rings should be absolutely still and under control at the end of each skill. The body should be straight with no arching, and arms should be sturdy and strong with no shaking.

  • VAULT requires speed and strength down the runway, generating sufficient momentum to produce a high and long post-flight off the vault that is essential for completing the various skills. Once in the air, the gymnast then focuses on sticking a perfect landing.

  • PARALLEL BARS routines consist mostly of swing and flight elements requiring hand-eye coordination, timing and balance. Special timing is critical to initiate seemingly effortless swinging elements with technically demanding ‘release’ moves, transitioning into sticking a perfect landing.

  • HIGH BAR routines consist of swings, release moves and high-flying dismounts. Elements include difficult release moves performed high over the bar requiring strength, precision and a lack of fear.

The Flying Angels Gymnastics Club Boys Competitive Program features a fantastic team of Men's Artistic coaches. The program structure includes Foundation, Development and competitive program pathways, with gymnasts placed in specific competitive levels.  Flying Angels Gymnastics Club has competitive program trials throughout each year. Please contact the club for further information.

Mens Artistic Gymnastics Competitive Program

Mini Angels Squad Program

Selected gymnasts aged 5 years will start in the mini angels squad program. Gymnasts in the mini angels squad program start with floor and vault competitions so they can start to gain experience in competitions. This also gives us as coaches the opportunity to see how gymnasts can cope under pressure and how they perform in front of an audience

Training Attire


Training leotard and training shorts, plus training stirrups/Longs. For warm-up: Club t-shirt, club hoodie or Club sweatshirt, Navy tracksuit bottoms. Gym bag containing: Water bottle, training book and a resistance band, deodorant.

Competition Attire


National competitions: White competition Leotard, White competition Shorts, plus white competition longs/stirrups. Club T-shirt, Club sweatshirt, white socks, Competition tracksuit. Club gym bag, club chalk bag, containing Straps, sweatbands, chalk handguards, tape, and water bottle, deodorant.


Regional competitions: Red competition Leotard, Red competition Shorts, plus Red competition longs/stirrups. Club T-shirt, Club sweatshirt, white socks, Competition tracksuit. Club gym bag, club chalk bag, containing Straps, sweatbands, chalk handguards, tape, deodorant.



Hair must be neat at all times, and for competitions, a fresh hair cut, and or gelled/sprayed, so hair is neat, and out of the face.

Squad Rules


Arrive on time for every single gym session. Have correct training attire upon arrival. Listen to instructions that the coaches give. Have a training book on hand, for routines, new skills etc.

More information 

Mens Artistic schedules and events


Mens Artistic Gymnasts compete at Regional and National level competitions. Angel squads also have the opportunity to compete abroad in International festivals, and competitions.

⭐️Oliver ⭐️ On the parallel bars🤸‍♀️🤸‍


The Angel squads timetable is based on age, level and ability. Training  timetables can vary from each term depending on competitions and trips abroad.


Trips Abroad

Members of the squad are selected for international competitions. Flying Angels Gymnastics Club compete in international competitions at least once a year. If there is no competition available for the gymnasts appropriate level we will train in an international gym, with specialised equipment.