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British Gymnastics Annual Registration

Annual British Gymnastics is due every year. British Gymnastics have a system where you as a member have to join up via GymNET on the British Gymnastics website.

GymNET has a guide that helps you with the new registration process.

If you do not join, your child will not be able to participate in any sessions until registration is complete.

Click here for registration

Being a member at Flying Angels Gymnastics Club

The aim of the club is to provide a safe, effective and child-friendly environment in which the members can participate in gymnastics activities under the guidance of appropriately qualified coaches. We welcome the support of parents or guardians. Wherever possible we will enable you to observe training sessions provided that it does not contravene our Health and Safety regulations. We also encourage and value parental involvement in the club.


The members of the club are organised into groups according to their age, gender, ability, experience and individual needs and coaches will be pleased to discuss the training programmes and your child’s needs with you. We provide a child/member centred, coach-led programme and will endeavour to help you/your child develop to their optimum level of performance. Our coaches are British Gymnastics qualified and DBS enhanced. We also have a number of coaches who are training towards higher qualifications, in both judging and coaching. Flying Angels also run a young person programme called the Flying Angels Leadership Academy starting from 11yrs old, which enables current gymnasts a pathway to become judges from 11yrs and proficiency award coaches from 14yrs.


A Welfare Officer has been appointed by the club to deal with any child protection/poor practice issues. Arrangements should be made to escort your child to and from training sessions and events. We would appreciate your child arriving and being collected promptly. If you are more than 15 minutes late, without prior notice, you will incur a late pick-up charge.


The club has adopted the British Gymnastics policies for Child Protection, Health, Safety and Welfare, Equity and Code of Practice and all officials, coaches, members and parents must adhere to these policies.


The annual registration fee includes membership of British Gymnastics and this encompasses appropriate insurance for your child and the club. You are also required to pay an annual London Gymnastics, and Flying Angels membership. 



PLEASE NOTE The Management reserves the right to reject applications, refuse membership or renewal or withdrawal of membership.

Flying Angels Gymnastics Club follows the rules, procedures, policies, and guidelines of British Gymnastics, London Gymnastics, the F.I.G, and European Gymnastics to ensure good practice and great training. A link is available for our Privacy Policy of Flying Angels Gymnastics Club.

Privacy Policy of Flying Angels Gymnastics Club

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2023-2024 Membership




British Gymnastics 2023-2024 is now due. Renewals or new members can join now. Current members will receive an email from British Gymnastics to renew.

If you are a new Flying Angels Gymnastics Club member but had a membership with another club, please update your primary club as Flying Angels Gymnastics Club on GymNet.

When you join Flying Angels Gymnastics Club, your membership starts from the FIRST day of your sign-up date until the end of the academic year, membership lasts from October current year to September the following year, which is annual. You will be asked to renew in August by British Gymnastics, however, we will collect payments in July, before the term ends. 

Membership  Registraion Process

Membership Renewal Process

Membership first-time registration & renewal

If you having an issue with your registration or renewal, please contact British Gymnastics here -


Tel: 0345 1297129​

British Gymnastics Annual Membership


British Gymnastics Membership provides insurance cover and many other benefits which can be found on their website


Membership covers from October to September, renewal is annual

London Gymnastics Annual Membership


London Gymnastics is an affiliation for the London region, to enable us to compete as a registered club


Membership fees are annual

Flying Angels Annual Membership


All Flying Angels Gymnasts must be members of the club, membership helps to keep the administration running smoothly, along with early-bird discounts on camps, and clinics as well as other benefits

Membership is an annual fee

Please note: Although memberships/affiliations are separate, the memberships are totalled together as one payment upon starting with our club. Membership is valid from your FIRST date of training, until the September of that year.

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