MY Leadership programme


What is the MY Leadership Academy Programme?
The MY Leadership Academy Programme is designed to create a structure which young people can follow to help them develop as leaders within gymnastics environments (schools, clubs and leisure centres). The programme encourages leaders to complete five different ‘topic’ areas

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The programme introduces Young Leaders to the various roles and opportunities available within gymnastics, helps them to identify their strengths and the aspects of gymnastics they enjoy and encourages leaders to stay within the sport for longer, creating a larger and stronger workforce for the future.

The programme is specifically targeted at Young Leaders aged 11-17 but is equally open to anyone over the age of 17. The MY Leadership Academy booklet is available free to members of British Gymnastics.

The programme is structured, yet flexible in that it can be adapted to suit the needs of individuals and different environments. There are awards, rewards and recognition available at various stages of completion to encourage the leaders to continue to develop.

What is the Leadership Academy?
A Leadership Academy is a group of young people aged 11+ within a club, school, or leisure centre who want to develop their leadership skills. The group has its own constitution, committee members and bank account. 


What does Leadership Academies do?
Academy members follow the MY Leadership Academy Programme. The leaders meet throughout the year to help plan events, complete training and socialise as a group.


Who runs the Academy?
Each Academy will elect an Academy Captain. This person is usually an older leader or a coach at the club. The Captain is responsible for organising meetings and keeping all members on track with their development. Some Academies have more than one captain to share this responsibility.


What support is provided?
The Academy Captain is provided with a support pack, consisting of a guide booklet and a memory stick full of useful documents, to assist with running a successful academy. 

Meet our Leadership Academy Team

All participants are over the age of 11 years and are fully supervised at all times by a senior member of staff. 

Marion Price

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Indigo Reeves

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Che Liston - Lazrides

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Amari Ford

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Oliver  Hime

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Leadership Academy News


The latest updates for our Leadership Academy participants

Amari Ford, Che Liston-Lazarides, and Oliver Hime have awarded their Bronze level of MYLeadership Academy.

Well done and congratulations boys, you have done a great job. Keep up the good work.

28th June 2019


The 1st to the 7th June is National Volunteers week, More information coming soon!!!

7th May 2019

National Volunteers week

Amarna Masters-Dray, Indigo Reeves (Not Pictured), and Iris Tromans have awarded their Bronze level of MYLeadership Academy.

Well done and congratulations girls, we are so very proud of the three of you.

22nd March 2019



Amarna Masters-Dray, Indigo Reeves, and Iris Tromans have passes their Floor and Vault judging course.

Well done girls, you're well on your way to a bright future in British Gymnastics.


19th August 2019

Judging Courses



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