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We require everyone to have a trial class to assess the ability of each individual gymnast. Trial classes are 45 minutes only. You must book a trial by email. We will not accept walk-ins who turn up on the day.

How to do the

Trial Process

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This process gives your child a chance to get a feel for the gym, facilities, and coaches. This time is perfect for the coaches to give an assessment of the gymnast. It is not a requirement to have done gymnastics before.

Parents are not allowed to sit inside the gym, due to Health and Safety. Please be aware of this when you arrive on your booked trial date.

Once becoming a member, there will be opportunities, and occasions where you will be able to see your child's progress.

Please note: Management reserve the right to reject an application, refuse membership renewal, or withdrawal of membership


How to book a trial:

Step One:

Fill in the form on the contact page which will require your name, email, mobile, and address. In the subject box please state one of the following; PRE-SCHOOL TRIAL, or GENERAL GYMNASTICS/ RECREATIONAL TRIAL or ARTISTIC TRIAL, then in the message section write anything that will help us give you any information to help you with the trial booking process  EXAMPLE; "I have twin daughters who have been doing gymnastics for 2 years at school" 

Step Two

Once you have sent off your form on the contact us page, we will then send you an email asking for further details about your child, or children. This will include the following: Your child's / children's full name, your child's / children's date of birth, and if your child has participated in gymnastics before, and if they have been a member previous gymnastics club. (There is no effect on the trial process if your child or children has or has not been a member of a previous club)

Once you contact us:

Step Three:

You will be sent a reply email to let you know we have all the details required at this time. THERE WILL BE NO NEED FOR YOU TO CONTACT US AGAIN EITHER BY EMAIL OR PHONE until you hear from us offering your child a trial. Depending on your child's or children's age this may be in excess of one year at present, due to the length of our waiting list.

Step Four:

We will contact you via email to offer your child or children a trial session - to do an assessment to see what level your child or children's level of ability is. There is a non-refundable £7.50 booking charge for the trial per child. We would like to be clear that if your children are both on the waiting list for a trial, they may not get the same trial date, this is likely due to age.

Step Five:

After your child has had their trial, we will then contact you about the placement of day(s). If there is a particular day from the Timetable Page you feel will best suit you, let us know on the day of the trial, we will try our best to accommodate your child, and place him or her in a session that suits their availability. Please note: We can only do this if there is a session available for your child's age group and ability. Also if you have more than one child, we can not always offer the same day or time, for more than two siblings or more for a placement at the club.  

It is vitally important that you contact the club by the end of the next working week otherwise we will assume you are not interested and no place will be held for your child. 

Step Six:

The admin staff will then advise you about payment of Annual Membership and Term Fees via email. You will receive Personal Details Forms and Club Policies regarding your Membership will need to be read and fully understood by you, then completed and signed before joining.

Once you become a member:

After step six, and you become a member, your child will be placed on a day that is appropriate for the level and age of the gymnast. Timetables can be clicked on below, and the membership process can be read about via the link. See below for the types of trials that are available at Flying Angels Gymnastics Club.


Membership fees are to be paid annually, and session fees are to be paid at the beginning of each term, or you could risk losing membership with the club. You will receive updates about when fees are due, and how much is owed for the term. Any overdue fees will have an admin fee added for every week it is late. All membership information can be found on our membership page

Types of Trials available:

Pre-school 2yrs to 5 yrs


Recreational and General gymnastics 6yrs and above


Artistic Gymnastics 6 Yrs and above

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