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Recreational Gymnastics

Flying Angels Gymnastics Club’s Recreational program focuses on Fun filled sessions:

Recreational classes focus on improving balance, strength and coordination. Following some stretches and basic body positions, the class will explore different equipment each week. Recreational Gymnastics sessions also include working on proficiency awards using floor and vault, and other soft play apparatus. Gymnasts also get the opportunity to train on additional apparatuses, which for both boys and girls include BEAM, BARS, RINGS, PARALLEL BAR plus TRAMPETTE & TRAMPOLINE. Recreational groups also take part in our gymnastics displays within the club, along with some gymnasts being specially selected for competitions both in-house and local.

Recreational Program

The Recreational Gymnastics is our 45-minute non-competitive Classes. However, gymnastics are often specially selected to compete in floor and vault competitions.

Gymnasts participate in our proficiency awards scheme, which parents can then purchase badges and certificates after each level has been completed. Recreational proficiency awards start at level 8 and work their way down to level 1. As the levels go down, the harder the skills get, so gymnasts spend time perfecting each skill. Recreational groups also take part in our gymnastics displays within the club.

 Although the Recreational Gymnastics classes are mainly floor and vault, gymnasts also get the opportunity to train on additional apparatuses, which for the girls include BEAM & BARS plus TRAMPETTE & TRAMPOLINE. For the boys, additional apparatuses include HIGH BAR, RINGS, PARALLEL BARS, & POMMELS, plus TRAMPETTE & TRAMPOLINE. 

Recreational Gymnastics Non-Competitive Program

Training Attire

Training leotard and training shorts, for boys, and for girls a training leotard [Long sleeved or short sleeved] (Girls may wear shorts). - Gymnasts should have multiple leotards if training more than one day a week for hygiene. For warm-up: Club t-shirt, Club hoodie or Club sweatshirt, Navy tracksuit bottoms. Gym bag containing: Water bottle, training book, deodorant.

Competition Attire (Selected Gymnasts Only)

Boys: Navy Club competition Leotard, and Navy competition Shorts. Club T-shirt, Club sweatshirt, Competition tracksuit. Club gym bag, tape, and water bottle, deodorant.

Girls: Navy Club competition Leotard (NO SHORTS ALLOWED IN COMPETITIONS). Club T-shirt, Club sweatshirt, Competition tracksuit. Club gym bag, and water bottle, deodorant.


For Girls: Hair must be tied up at all times, at no time should a gymnast enter the gym, or competition with their hair down. In the gymnast's gym bag, there should be spare hair bands, hair grips & clips, gel & hair spray, plus a brush & comb to keep hair neat.

For boys: Hair must be neat at all times, and for competitions, a fresh hair cut, and or gelled/sprayed, so hair is neat, and out of the face.

Recreational Gymnastics Group Rules

Arrive on time for every single gym session. Have correct training attire upon arrival. Listen to instructions that the coaches give. Have a training book on hand, for routines, new skills etc.


More information 

Recreational Gymnastics schedules and events



The Recreational Gymnastics Timetable is based on age, groups put into age groups. Training timetables can vary from each term depending on coach availability.

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