International Competitions and Trips abroad

Netherlands 2018

May 2018

We are so proud to announce upon our return we had a great competition. The trip was not only a fantastic experience for all the girls, but they participated in workshops and camps. They got to see shows, compete as three different teams in group displays, against large experienced Acro Teams. Two of the three teams made it through qualifications and went on to finals.

Team two went on to place 8th, and Team Three went on to place 5th

We are so proud of all our gymnasts who participated, which included: From Team three - Isabella Wilson, Amélie Mills, Olivia Duncan, Allegra Coles, Leila Balachandran, Eva Poliakova, Marion Price, Eva Rae Leslie

From Team Two - Indigo Reeves, Marie-Capucine Brassart, Emma Rigard-Asquith, Iris Tromans, Kelis Williams, Erisa Mukasa, Sophia Philgence

And Team One - Caitlin Dawson, Sibylle Reboul, Kalina Wilk, Abigail Hopley, Erika Glance, Melissa Cooper.

Thank you to IAG Sport for the great hospitality, the competition organisers took great care of us, and we appreciated everything they did for us. 

We are really looking forward to our next adventure abroad. Great job to all the girls, and well done to all the coaches for taking such great care of all the gymnasts.

Pictures and videos available below

Paris 2016

October 2016


Paris Update: We Came back winning First Place in the Junior Solo Open Category, Third Place in the Junior Solo Open Category  Third Place in the Junior Group Open Category, and second place for the Junior Trio Category.

We are so proud of all our gymnasts who participated. We had a great time not only at the competition but also at the theme park, Thank you to Gymnastique Magique for putting on a great competition. 

All videos available below

Paris 2016

October 2016


So we're going back, and we can't wait. It will be our second time at Gymnastique Magique. We are so happy to be back again.


This is our fourth trip abroad, and there will be 30 members in attendance, from Friday 14th October to Monday 17th October. Not only will Flying Angels Gymnastics Club be participating in the exciting competition "Gymnastique Magique" 2016 in Disney Land Paris. But we will also get to enjoy the Disney Park itself.


We are so happy to continue our yearly tradition of travelling abroad to compete in other countries. This is our fourth time abroad, and feel very lucky to receive these opportunities. We look forward to telling you all about it upon our return. You can follow our journey via our social media which includes Snapchat, Instagram and Twitter.


For more information on the competition click on the following links below:


Gymnastique Magique

Take Us 2 The Magic


Good luck to all out participating gymnasts.


July 2015


We are taking our third trip abroad to compete in the annual Gym Stars international competition in Malta. This competition happens twice a year, for women's artistic, and Rhythmic gymnastics. 

We are very excited to be participating in another international competition. We will be there from the 10th-13th July 2015.


Good luck to the selected gymnasts participating. We look forward to hearing all about the competition, hope you all have lots of fun.


October 2014

For the first time, we participated in the Gymnastique Magnifique, in Paris France, Disneyland Paris. Our girls had a wonderful time.

Not only did they participate in a fun-filled competition, which included solos, duets and a group routine, but they also got have a brilliant time in the Disneyland Paris theme park.

We took to the stage, and our duets was a clean sweep, with a one, two, three, and the third place for both one of our solos and our small group routines.


We are so proud of our display team, and we are glad you had a wonderful time.




May 2013


Turnfest was a massive success, our Gymnasts represented Flying Angels and made us so Proud.

This is our first international event, where a few of our gymnasts were chose to represent us in both competition and an in a display. We had Nathan Sinclair participate in the Men's Artistic category. Three of our girls participated in the Women's Artistic Competition, where Natasha Smith scored the highest in both the floor and Vault categories.

Three of the members were chosen to participate in the “choose your apparatus” category, with over 1000 other participants.

We were accompanied by two younger gymnasts, who were there as great supports, and enjoyed the experience, and a wonderful time.

We would like to say a special thank you to Sina Titze, for inviting us and offering this great opportunity for our Flying Angels Gymnastics Club. Without you, this could not be possible.

We look forward to many more International events and competitions in the future.



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