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Parent week 2024

During 12th-16th March 2024, our annual parent week will commence.


Our parent week is an annual event where parents get to sit in during their child/children's training session.

This is a week-long event. It is a great opportunity to see each individual child progress, outside of any competition or display events.

Pictures and videos may be taken at this time, please limit them to your own child.


During parent week some children may become distracted by your presence, please take this into consideration while watching.


Some house rules:

We do ask for phones to be switched on silent so as to not distract gymnasts and coaches. If there are small babies or toddlers in attendance, please keep hold of them, as the gymnasium is very busy, and anyone running around could cause an accident. Please think of the hall as crossing the road while inside, all visitors must walk around the edges of the hall and around mats.

 We hope you enjoy the week, see you there.

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