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Zoom sessions


With gymnasts currently not having access to in-person sessions due to the pandemic, we have created classes online during lockdown.

We are doing what we are calling "zoomnastics" to keep up with fitness, to curb boredom, and to have a little fun. Our zoom sessions will include conditioning and flexibility, choreography, leaps jumps & safe skills, room permitted, plus games.

Parents will need to provide support for younger gymnasts as some zoom sessions will require partner work. Also an adult will need to be present/ within earshot of all sessions

Zoom time table


Here you'll find the cycle 4 timetable for zoom sessions




Please return back to check schedules, as each zoom cycle is subject to change

Zoom login


If for any reason you are having trouble logging in, please contact us as soon as possible by email. There are multiple staff members available on tech to help with any issues.

Please double check you are logging in on the correct day, the right time, and have the correct sign-in details for your childs' zoomnastics session. There may be last-minute changes, but we will ensure that all gymnasts are given an alternative time/day if for any reason a coach is unavailable to run the session. 

Schedules can be found above in the zoom timetable. All members have been emailed a Meeting ID and Password. This must not be shared. Email us for login issues here & for Meeting ID and Password issues email us here. For troubleshooting and zoom help please see below.

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