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Cheam Competition Schedule & Tickets 12th March 2023

Schedule and timetable

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Competition Entrance Deadline:

The last date for gymnasts to Enter this competition is 30th January 2023, 11:59 pm, no later. Late entrances will not be accepted


Tickets will be available only on the day

Adults - £5 (16+ years old) Kids - free


Spectators can pay for entry outside the arena before the start time to help ensure a safe flow of people between rounds.

Please note that Cheam Gymnastics Club can only take cash for spectators. Please make sure all parents are aware of this.

Spectators are the responsibility of the clubs, and Cheam Gymnastics Club will not tolerate abuse to its staff or volunteers. Unruly spectators may be asked to leave.



REMINDER: Spectators use cash only for competition seats.



Registration and warm-up will be in a separate warm up hall except for the first round, which will warm up in the main arena.  The warm up will be a mass warm up. Once the gymnasts have registered they must stay in the registration hall. If they need to leave to go to the toilet they must ensure one of their coaches are aware or a Cheam staff member. We also ask that no parents stay in the hall, they are welcome to wait in the corridor while they wait for the doors to the arena to open.


The competition is in the main arena and the gymnasts will be led through when ready to start. It is the coaches responsibility to ensure their gymnasts are collected by their parents.


All gymnasts’ belongings must be left with parents. Cheam Gymnastics Club do not accept any responsibility for gymnasts’, coaches’ or spectators’ possessions. If any item is left in the warm up hall, gymnasts will have to collect the item after the next round have marched into the competition arena and therefore left the warm up hall.


During the competition, spectators are not to use flash photography. Spectators will get a warning if the rules are ignored, and could asked to leave the arena for continuous use of a flash.



Clubs and coaches are responsible for the gymnasts during the competition. It is down to the coaches to ensure the gymnasts are dismissed safely. Parents ARE NOT permitted to go on to the floor area

Competition attire:

Click here for competition attire Gymnasts must follow the rules for correct competition attire. The club must all wear Flying Angels uniform.



Invitational competitions are held at Cheam usually twice a year, in Feb/March time, and October/November time, with clubs from in and around London taking part. 

The format is similar to the "Levels" currently in use by the LG GfA TC.

However, Cheam have retained the "Class 6" age-related competition routines. This assists coaches by having "ready made" floor routines for their gymnasts.


There are four age group routines: Under 7yrs; Under 9yrs; Under 11yrs; over 11yrs.

The routines are changed annually to keep up the interest of the gymnasts.


Medals are awarded to each year group; i.e. 6yrs, 7yrs, 8yrs etc. If the year groups are large, they may be split into half year groups i.e. 7½yrs; 8½yrs etc.







Warm-up for round 1 will be held in the main hall. General warm-up for rounds 2 & 3 will be held in the small gym.

Class 5 girls are requested to bring their own music, clearly labelled with their name and club and present it at the desk when registering.


Medals will be presented to the top 3 in each competition and all the gymnasts competing will receive a certificate.



Score sheets will be posted to the corridor throughout the day and then posted on our website after the competition. No score sheets are printed out during the competition.

Competition Routines video


Boys video under 6 & under 7


Cheam High School,

Chatsworth Road,



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