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Erewash Valley Gymnastics Club competition 12th May 2019

We traveled to Ilkeston in Derby. And had some very good results at the Erewash Valley Competition. It was the first competition for Erewash Valley.


The boys, had a great result with Che Liston-Lazarides coming 1st overall and Oliver Hime came 2nd overall. They placed top two on every individual apparatus.


The girls had a very tough group with, Olivia Duncan coming 9th overall, Marion Price came 2nd overall, Leila Balachandran came 6th overall, Allegra Coles came 10th overall.

Amelie Mills came 5th overall in her category. All the girls placed on every piece of apparatus individually.

Well done to all gymnasts that competed!


All results can be found here, along with individual apparatus placements, and overall rank for each competition.


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