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Neon Competition Autumn 2022

With 39 gymnasts competing at the Autumn Neon 2022 here is was the brilliant outcome.

1st place x 4

2nd place x 6

3rd place x 3

And then 4th place x 6, 5th place x 4, and 6th place x 2

That is 24 gymnasts who placed in the top 6, and 12 gymnasts that move up to the next level by hitting their performance target.

AP x 1, Level 1 x 8, and Level 2 x 3

Well done to everyone who competed, and great job to the coaches. We are looking forward to the next one.

Check out more results here.

Full Results - Autumn 2022
Download PDF • 1.16MB


To order photographs check out this

Neon Gymnastics Photos
Download PDF • 884KB


The next two competitions will be on Sunday 25th June 2023 and Sunday 19th November 2023.


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