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Annual Flying Angels Team Championships 2017

It is that time again where we put on our annual in-house competition, where all gymnasts from recreational to General, and the womens and mens disciplines compete in teams.

We had two rounds, which ran smoothly. The first round was for female competitors competing floor vault and Beam, for which many of our gymnasts was the first time to compete a routine in competition. The male competitors just competed floor and vault. Most gymnasts competed as a twin. Some gymnast competed as individuals to try to win an individual medal for all round champion and highest scoring person on each apparatus.

The second round was for the more advanced gymnasts. The General girls who compete with floor music, also competed bars for the first time, as well as beam and vault. The Artistic girls competed their four apparatus, and the boys competed all six apparatus.

All results can be found here click the link

Some of the winners pictures

A video of highlights will be added shortly

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