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Orpington Competition 2022

Six of our 12 year old gymnasts competed at the Orpington Invitational Competition on the 11th June 2022. We last competed at Orpington back in 2019 the year before the pandemic. It was a great experience for our girls, and we are so very proud of them all.

With a rocky start on beam all of the girls worked hard to improve on their other apparatus'. Mercan managed to fight to stay on beam, earning herself a bonus of 0.5. We had a top three result on vault, with Bryce gaining a first place individual medal, following Mercan in second place, and Maisie in third. On bars Maisie was second place, only missing outrun first place by 0.2.

We have used this competition to look at any faults in our routines, and definitely will make lots of improvements for the next competition on October after Summer.

Well done again girls


Results Round 6 2022

Interclub 2022 - Round 6
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